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Who We Are

The ATN Inc. Team

Our Story

ATN Inc. Founder Yossi Azaraf immigrated to the United States with nothing but a few dollars in his pocket, family support, grit, and perseverance. After working and excelling in several retail sales positions, he started a venture distributing electronics across the globe.


Through his experience, Yossi saw first-hand the complexities in the retail supply chain surrounding excess or obsolete inventory. He identified a space where he could add additional value helping manufacturers and brands move unwanted product on the buying side, and benefit value retail channels on the selling side. It was this value proposition on which the budding entrepreneur's company was born.


ATN Inc., named for his three eldest children, was officially established in 1992 and built on family values, trust and the notion that every inventory issue presents a potential opportunity for both manufacturers and vendors alike. Yossi secured an inventory commitment from a leading U.S. retail brand, and from that, continued on a path forward of consistent growth through relationship-building and a persistent work ethic. Over thirty years later, ATN Inc. remains a multi-generational family owned business helmed by Yossi's son Natan, and supported by a diverse team of highly skilled individuals that continue to execute the core vision on which the company was founded

Meet The Executive Team

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